17 / 03 2017

How to Choose a Python Tutor

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Python is a programming language that emphasizes code readability. It has a simple easy-to-use syntax makes it ideal for someone who is learning computer programming for the first time. It is a general purpose language and has applications that range from web development to mathematical computing.

However, if this is your first language and you have never coded before you may find Python quite difficult. This is why many beginner programmers choose to work with a Python tutor.

But searching for a qualified Python tutor can often feel confusing and overwhelming.

If you are just getting started with Python, then how do you know who is qualified to help you? Listed below are five suggestions for how you can choose a qualified Python tutor:

#1. Decide on your goals for tutoring

Before you begin working with your tutor you should decide what your goals are. And “learn Python” is kind of a broad goal so you should be a little more specific than that. Outlining your goals will give you clarity and a sense of purpose before you begin and will help you determine the type of person you want to work with.

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#2. Decide when you are available for tutoring

Figure out your schedule and when you are available to meet with your tutor. This will also help you clarify what kind of tutor you need to work with. For instance, if have very limited availability and you don’t want to have to drive anywhere then you will probably need to work with an online tutor.

#3. Figure out what your budget is

Figure out how much you are looking to invest into tutoring. Obviously, the more qualified your tutor is the more that person will cost to work with. Of course, you should be reasonable as to what your budget will allow but keep in mind that you don’t necessarily want to try to cut costs with a tutor. Learning Python programming is an investment in your future so you want someone who is fully qualified to help you.


#4. Ask to see your tutor’s list of credentials

Before you hire anyone, you should always check their credentials first. How much experience does that person have in Python programming? Have they ever tutored any other students besides you? And if they have been a tutor for a while, you should ask for a list of references. Talking to their previous students will give you a better idea as to what that person is like to work with.

Working one-on-one with a Python tutor can be very beneficial to anyone who is just getting started with Python programming. Not only will it give you the best possible start to learning Python, it will increase your confidence as you become more knowledgeable. Your tutor can teach you the easiest ways to do things, help you manage your time better, and answer any questions you might have.

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