16 / 03 2017

The 5 Biggest Challenges to Being an Online Python Tutor

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There are many benefits to working as an online Python tutor. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours, and choose your hourly rate. Plus you are getting paid to teach others about a subject you are already passionate about. Most tutors find that watching their students begin to excel is the best part of their job.

But even the best jobs require a certain amount of sacrifice and tutoring is no exception. Here are some of the most common challenges you may face as an online Python tutor and how you can overcome them:

#1. Finding enough work

For many Python tutors, finding enough work to sustain a long-term tutoring business is the biggest challenge they face. Tutoring can often be a seasonal job, with very busy periods followed by very slow periods. However, you can rest assured that it is definitely possible. Many tutors successfully maintain a steady stream of clients, the secret simply lies in learning how to find them.

Marketing your services is one of the most important aspects of tutoring. How will people find you if you don’t advertise? Most people will go to the internet to look for a Python tutor, so it is important to experiment with different ways of marketing yourself online so you can see what works. Social media and blogging are two good avenues to start with.

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#2. Finding work/life balance

As a tutor, one of the most important things you need to learn is when to say “no.” This can be scary for anyone who is self-employed because you don’t have a boss to rely on for a consistent paycheck every month. But it is important to set boundaries with your students and understand your own limitations.

One of the best ways to do this can be to create a schedule for yourself because this will largely determine the types of students you end up working with. It is also a good idea to create a “How I Work” document to share with your students so you can manage their expectations of you from the beginning.

#3. Managing student expectations

As a tutor, your job is to make sure the information you are sharing with your students is relevant, helpful, and up-to-date. You also need a system for tracking their progress and making sure that they are improving as a result of your help.

However, it is important to let your students know that you can’t guarantee any specific results. Make sure they understand that the amount of progress they make depends on the level of effort they put into their coursework.


#4. Working alone

Many tutors find the lack of engagement with colleagues to be one of the most challenging aspects of tutoring. Yes, you will spend time interacting with your students but the majority of your time will be spent working alone. You will be preparing lessons, grading assignments, and finding ways to bring on new students.

One of the best ways to combat feelings of isolation is to build in structure to your day and to plan times when you can leave and interact with other people. Even just arranging to have coffee with a friend a few times a month can prove to be helpful.

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